Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About Dang Time

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"Procrastination kills!" Have you heard that one before? Well I have. How about "Procrastination is the assassination of motivation"? Catchy? Maybe.

Anyway, this should be a "Welcome to My New Blog" post. Instead I am writing about procrastination. Why? Probably because it has taken me so long to get started on this one. And my other blogs are suffering from "writer's block" also.

This blog has been at the back of my mind, and forefront at times, for quite some time now. The ideal title would have been something like "Dan's Tech Tips" but that is so mundane (Boring!). The idea here is for me to write about technology I find interesting. Or at least write about topics relating to my current projects.

I am always "up to something" so by writing about my current projects I should never run out of topics to share with you all. Well let's see how that goes. And I was thinking about a good ole Q & A (questions and answers) covering technology; specifically computers.

I am "into" technology. Read that as "I love technology". But not just for technology's sake. Its just so cool what people have been able to imagine and then create. I love making things that are useful. Even if its just an item that I will be using and nobody else.

You have to admit though that sharing is cool. Especially if you are sharing one of your creations. Physical items are great but isn't it neat being able to create something with your mind that solves a problem or saves time? That is why I enjoy software creation. Write it and run it. So cool.

Well, this post is longer than it needs to be. I will have to write more "About Me" at another time. And the Q&A section will be next. Back to procrastinating.

There are many reasons for procrastination. For some of us, we just think too much. And want things to be perfect. Even before we actually get started on them. Well, I finally learned an important lesson. Good enough is good enough. In other words, just do it.

Things don't have to be perfect the first time around. There is always time to improve them later. And if not, at least you did something. Got it out there. So again, "Just Do It!"

WARNING: If you are designing or building something that has the potential for great harm to others. Then ignore my bit about not being perfect. Please be perfect. Especially if you are designing or building a nuclear power plant or bridge or ... You know what I mean. I do not look forward to glowing in the dark. Hard to sleep that way. So make sure your nuclear power plant is Perfect.

Thank you and you all have a grand day. Later now. ~ Dan Carroll

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